Tallahassee Update - October 1, 2019


Tallahassee Update – October 1, 2019

As bills passed by the Florida Legislature in 2019 go into effect, the Legislature is preparing for the 2020 Session. For a list of what passed and what failed in 2019, check out the Tampa Bay Times summary: https://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2019/05/06/florida-legislature-2019-what-passed-and-what-failed/

Members of the Florida House of Representatives are up for re-election every two years. In order to be able to focus on campaigning by Spring in even numbered years, Legislative Committee Weeks begin in September and Session runs January- March.

The Legislature held its first Committee Week for the 2020 Session the second week of September and has two more Committee weeks coming up this month (Oct 12-16 and Oct 21-25). Bills filed early may move during these weeks, but Committees also spent time educating Members on subject-matter issues that they will consider in committee.

Though we are early in the process, this year expect to see continued focus on education reform, funding, and school safety - school safety funding and school bus safety legislation are already in the hopper. Health care issues will also feature prominently in Senate and House debate; opioid alternative bill proposals and medical licensure bills have been recently filed. We will keep you updated as the major issues of the 2020 Florida Legislative Session take shape.

Anna Higgins, Walker Strategies, Board Member, IWP