Santa Rosa Professional Educators praise Two Institute for Women in Politics Members

IWP has come across this recent facebook post from Santa Rosa Professional Educators praising two Institute for Women in Politics members:

“With each passing month, we continue to be encouraged by the newer school board members’ sincere involvement with the various aspects of our district. Wei Lok Ueberschaer has participated in our monthly district insurance committee’s meetings since she has been installed onto the board. In just a few months(5), Wei Ueberschaer has attended more meetings than the last 2 assigned board members have in the past 12 years.”

“Our elected candidate, Linda Sanborn has met her goal of visiting every school in our district before the year's end. She has met employees, administration, students, community members from all walks of life. Santa Rosa County, board members such as Linda is what our school district has needed and now has; a board member who walks her talk, integrity!”

Congratulations, School Board Representatives, Wei and Linda! Keep up the good work!

Myra Van HooseComment