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Committees 2020

1.       Membership

a.       Recruitment – following up from meeting attendance, facebook likes, etc., getting contact info, referring to a board member for follow up 

b.       Engagement – welcoming new members, setting up new member meeting with a board member, determining/encouraging committee interest, reminding when events come up, coordinate with event planner

c.       Retention – collect dues, answer questions, survey

d.       Leadership Certification – maintaining program/presentation, orient new members, track eligibility

e.       PEP Office Happy Hour - organize and enlist members to hold happy hour at their office

2.       Education/Networking

a.       Event Planning - Line up locations, catering, ensure supplies are ready and set up, recruit/volunteer at event

b.       Programming/Speaker Liaison  - create annual programming schedule, get speakers, liaison at event time, coordinate with event

c.       Legislative liaison – track current events, florida bills, legislators, politics, civics knowledge base

3.       Outreach

 a.       VIP Liaison– meet with elected officials, candidates, ensure engagement, assistance as possible

 b.       Speakers Bureau – outreach, get gigs, make sure messaging is current

 c.       Writing - Website blogging regarding member news, legislation, local pertinent info, and balanced issue reporting, PNJ viewpoint article, ongoing link posts to relevant info

 d.       Partnerships - engaging with local organizations to further our mission

4.       Fundraising – Set up fundraising meetings, coordinate with event planner, coordinate with treasurer regarding budget

5.       Tech/Social Media – Maintain Website and Social Media, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, SEO, tagging, frequency of posts, payment links, membership sign-in, etc. 

6.       Marketing – write press releases, contact/ maintain relationships with traditional media, coordinate with fundraising/treasurer re: budgets, coordinate with Tech’Social Media


Members interested in getting more active with IWP, feel free to email us or comment below. The bigger the team the more specialized you can be. Your talents will be greatly appreciated!!

Myra Van Hoose