IWP Lunch and Learns Start this Friday!

As July draws to a steamy close, we rev up our calendar. Soon you will see it packed full of events, after the short summer hiatus. Starting Friday, our Monthly Meeting and Lunch and Learns - to be held the first friday of every month - will be back on track. We kick off this year of learning with leadership orientation. This lecture is all about IWP and what it takes to become certified as an IWP leader. A variety of board members will discuss relevant topics such as the history of IWP, women’s current status in american politics, the IWP strategic plan, and how to qualify for leadership certification. This class also lets new members know what IWP has to offer for them in the way of education and engagement. And volunteer opportunities!

So, if you are a new member, a curious member, or a member who has more time to volunteer this year, come have lunch with us and discuss the future of IWP.

Lunch is provided.

We ask for an accurate headcount upfront by requiring a registration fee. Members, you will be reimbursed at the door upon attendance.

Non-members, no-shows, and walk-ins will have a standing fee of $10.