Change is in the air!

Change is in the air! After enjoying several years from start-up to this April, Diane Mack has single-handedly created our monthly newsletter, chock full of all the important monthly tidbits we offered. Alas, all good things end… and we hope, upgrade! We will no longer be using a newsletter format, but are switching to online blogging for your IWP info. You’ll get all the information on upcoming events, members in the news, new members, etc., but it will come in email form and be posted on our website. What we get is more interaction from you. Together we can transform politics by engaging, empowering, educating and electing women to roles in public service. Let’s use these new tools together! Look for the new website to go live with the end of this current fiscal year, and with the roll over to a new board. And come say goodbye to the founders who are leaving the board after their six years of service, Diane Mack, Amy Miller and Lola Presley, as well as to the new board and all the members at our June Annual Meeting and Awards Party, June 27th. Details to come. In a blog and an email.

Kara IWPComment